About FOodie SNitch

Because eating well shouldn't be a secret...


Hi there. First and foremost I am so glad you're here! My name is Emily Joan Greene aka Foodie Snitch and Iā€™m a self-taught food stylist and photographer based in Portland, OR. 

As the name suggests, I'm foodie with a real knack for uncovering tasty eateries and sharing them with my audience. My passion for storytelling began when I went to school for visual journalism at the University of Oregon. Shortly after, I began interning and eventually going the staff at weekly publication as a photographer. Many of my assignments covered the growing food and dining scene in Portland, and thus my love for food blossomed.

Emily Joan Greene Foodie Snitch


My career photographing food has led me to working on a wide scope of projects from Google ad campaigns to creating social media content for local businesses. As I look back, things have really fell into place: I am obsessed with food, know how to photograph, and how to market it all on the internet. 

Foodie Snitch now serves as a place for people to get their daily fix of delicious food. It has a mixture of City Guides and Restaurant Features. In essence, the food you find on Foodie Snitch is the food I eat: thoughtfully developed food often in a very aesthetically pleasing place.

I wanted to start this very blog to document my food adventures, in the hopes of inspiring others to embrace how food is unique to place. After all, nothing warms the heart more than sharing something delicious!


I am inspired by various cultures and cuisines, incorporating both classic and contemporary techniques to create something new, while maintaining the tradition. Dining nowadays is an entire experience that incorporates not only the food, but the story behind it,  the ambience of the restaurant, the sounds, the dish ware... All of these elements can make a place unique and exciting. I am here to find those places. 



Shortly after starting food photography I began my foray into food styling. For my personal craft, I like to have a human element, whether that is a hand grabbing a fork or a portrait of the chef. I also try and think about how to make the item stand out. Is it the sheen on the tomato? The deep crust of a fresh loaf? Nevertheless, I constantly work to push my boundaries, experimenting with various styles and techniques to gain flexibility as a photographer.
My services include photography, food styling, food aesthetics, props styling, editorials, and storytelling. 


Find me on Instagram @foodiesnitch

Interested in working together? Drop me a mail at hello@foodiesnitch.com / or get me through the contact form on the site.