3 Bakeries to Try in San Francisco

The Bay Area is a whole new monster for food, but as an avid reader of Bon Apetit, I read a LOT about bakeries in San Francisco and apparently the list of pastries to try is long. I managed to hit three of them in one day- The results are as follows...

Le Marais Bakery- Emily Joan Greene Foodie Snitch

 Stop #1: Le Marais Bakery

Stop 1: Le Marais Bakery (Castro location) 

This ^ standout bakery, @lemaraisbakery was one of my favorite new spots to grab pastries, or brunch in San Francisco. They offer build your own "boards" where you select your favorite things from a list and then you can mix and match flavors and foods. My favorite combo was the croissant with the goat cheese and jam. They also offer build your own bowls, and salads for people with food restrictions.

Tartine Bakery- Emily Joan Greene// Foodie Snitch

Stop #2: Tartine Bakery

Stop 2: Tartine Bakery/ Tartine Manufactory 

Ever since reading about it in @bonappetitmag and on every "must list" of San Francisco, @tartinebakeryand @tartinemanufactory has been on my list. I finally got to try their pastries during my food tour and I have to say their morning bun coated with orange zest, sugar and cinnamon was out of this world.


Stop #3: Craftsman & Wolves

Stop 3: Craftsman & Wolves

Notable for their muffin with a perfectly poached egg in the middle, Craftsman and Wolves is truly an artisan bakery. Unfortunately they were sold out of their famous muffin when I arrived, but their vanilla bean donut (above) was extraordinary.