5 Sandwiches to Eat In Portland, OR

Who would of thought that a bunch of ingredients mashed between two slices of bread could be so...GOOD? Sandwiches have the capabilities to encompass it all with the carbs, entree and sides all put into one dish. Here are 5 sandwiches to not miss in Portland. 


Bahn Mi Double Dragon

1. The Pork Belly Bahn Mi from Double Dragon

Nestled in SE Portland, this place holds nostalgic value for me. It was one of the first places I ate when I was interning in Portland during grad school. The patio welcomes you in with picnic tables and inside you’ll find an eclectic mix of Asian inspired decor. Their pork belly bahn mi is a twist on the original- layered with house made kimchi, chipotle aioli, cilantro and caramelized pork belly, all resting between a perfectly crunchy but chewy roll.

Double Dragon Portland
Double Dragon Portland Oregon

Figlia Sandwich Portland Oregon

2. The smoked turkey sandwich- Figlia.

This place is a cute new eatery established by older sister restaurant, Renata. The space feels like a European cafe where you can order just a coffee, or a full spread for lunch. The smoked turkey is a sandwich I haven’t stopped thinking about since I tried it last month. Fresh, vibrant, and perfect for sharing or devour it yourself.

Figlia Americana Portland Oregon

Fried Egg I'm In Love Portland Oregon

3. Breakfast Sandwich at Fried egg I’m In Love.

The best breakfast sandwich place is this food cart. One of my favorites is the SRIRACHA MIX-A-LOT- it has all the goods including ham, cheese, avocado, a fried egg and Sriracha! Check out their entire menu which is filled with amazing choices. A little yellow food cart settled right next to bustling SE Hawhtorne St. Perfect stop to hit before shopping or even call in a to go order before work!

Fried Egg Im In Love Portland Oregon

Lardo Portland Oregon

4. Any Sandwich at Lardo

This is my go to for anything sandwich related because it’s their entire menu! Their signature? Head chef, Rick Gencarelli, likes it saucy “I actually get irritated when the sauce isn’t spread to all corners of the sandwich.” Sink your teeth through layers of flavor and texture, as this sandwich shop goes above and beyond in both creativity and quality.

Lardo Portland Oregon

Meat Cheese Bread Portland Oregon

5. The Bacon sweet potato sandwich at Meat Cheese Bread

This place was recommended to me by so many people that I finally had to try it for myself! I was blown away by the creativity with ingredients and textures. They try to take traditional sandwiches and put their own twist on it. Look for the seasonal favorites as well, he incorporates different things as they go in and out of season.

Meat Cheese Bread Portland Oregon