Foodie Snitch Feature: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

All Images Copyright of Foodie Snitch Media. All rights reserved.

All Images Copyright of Foodie Snitch Media. All rights reserved.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

If you’ve been following along for awhile you might have noticed that I have a particular weakness for sweets, but even more specifically, pastries. Baked goods are my ultimate weakness; buttery savory pastries filled with sweet cream or frosting has my inner child jumping up and down in excitement. In combination with my deep love for great branding, and a photogenic space, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse of San Francisco is everything my Foodie Snitch dreams are made of.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Emily Joan Greene Foodie Snitch

Since their opening in the city by The Bay, the bakery has had their claim to fame from their famous “Cruffin” a lovely hybrid of a buttery layered croissant, but with the shape and density of a muffin, then filled with a rotating flavored filling that changes weekly. I first visited Mr. Holmes back in 2015 and have been a loyal returning fan, Visiting always leads to me purchasing one of their perfectly branded boxes with gold foil lettering  full of varied pastries to scarf down over the following days.

The details are what makes this small standing room only bakery have a line down the block upon opening every day. From the white subway tile, bright pink coffee cups, and a neon sign that reads “I Got Baked In San Francisco” the bakery is an dream for snapping photos. Once you see the pastries lined up against the glass case you immediately are overcome with child like excitement as they range in flavors, and appearance. From Matcha dipped croissants, savory pastries topped with sesame seeds, donuts rolled in sugar with a taunting tease of the brightly colored cream poking out- their creations are more like a work of art rather than a normal bakery spread.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Emily Joan Greene Foodie Snitch

All the visual efforts from Mr.Holmes immediately are elevated once you take a bite. The sensory overload of the perfectly balanced flavors almost stops you in your tracks, but not for long as you have to take a second bite to confirm that what you are tasting is indeed, real. The pastries are downright sinful, and any concern for calories or excessive sugar consumption is thrown out the window as each and every creation is delectably tasty. This bakery is one of my favorites, EVER and that’s saying a lot. Don’t skip this place when you’re in SF, and be sure to show early before the line gets too long.

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Other Locations: Los Angeles