Foodie Snitch Feature: Rose's Taproom

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Rose’s Taproom

Foodie Snitch Feature: @rosestaproom in Oakland, CA.

As an Oregonian beer has always been a part of life. Like wine to Italians, Oregonians love their beer and their brewery culture. Having tried a lot of breweries during my time as a food photographer I can say that more often than not the interior decor often consists of dark wood, digital tap screens and an overall masculine feel to the space. Not to generalize but you wouldn’t be surprised to find a deer head on the wall, and a color palette made up of unsuspecting neutrals.

Foodie Snitch Feature: Rose's Taproom in Oakland CA (Emily Joan Greene)

So when I stumbled across Rose’s last fall in Oakland I was surprised to find such a design driven taproom and impressed by every beer I tried. Their space is warm, welcoming and really thoughtful in its design. Peachy pink walls compliment the bright aquamarine tiles and lush green plants cascade down from the ceiling.

Rose’s owner, Hillary Janson set her sights on creating a space focused around beer, but more importantly a sense of community, inclusiveness and true hospitality, “We use beer as a vehicle to reach people as it has been un-accessible to certain people, particularly women and people of color. We are trying to undo that by having a space that is welcoming and a service that is humble.”

Known for their small batch brewing, and innovative flavors Rose’s keeps their tap rotation interesting and seasonal without going overboard on accent flavors. The beer is made in small quantities on site, I was lucky to catch the brewer in action during my visit.

Foodie Snitch Feature: Rose's Taproom in Oakland CA (Emily Joan Greene)

In addition to their flavorful rotating taps to choose from, build your own charcuterie boards give you the option of a few small bites or a full spread. Rose’s selectively works with Bay Area butchers to give you a wide range of meats that are sourced locally. I loved being exposed to other local businesses and their products in a small, approachable way. I recommend the spreadable chorizo, from Duende. I also added some artisanal bread, goat cheese with honey and peppers and olives.

Good thing beer is a year round beverage, and now you know where to find the good stuff.