Foodie Snitch Feature: Never Coffee Lab

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Never Coffee

#200, 4243 SE Belmont St

Portland, OR 97215

I had the lovely opportunity to visit @neverlab for my first #foodiesnitchportland feature since moving back! In a city that is known for coffee culture, and a long roster list of excellent coffee roasters - it can be difficult to stand out.

Never Coffee lab got on my radar because they do things a little differently. From a branding standpoint they pay attention to the details in the design of their space. From the hand painted Strada machine, the bright aqua floors, the local ceramic cups and the bright bags of roasted coffee, Never provides a unique feel to their space. They roast their beans in Portland, Oregon and each blend has a careful attention to detail to the unique flavor profiles.


Their café is bright and vibrant and their coffee is GREAT- but note their five signature lattes that have a subtle hints of wild ingredients:

Hug- Spicy Cacao, Chilles, Cinnamon.

Holy grail- Turmeric, Ginger, Orange Blossom Water, Bee Local Honey Cherry Wood Smoked Honey, Jacobsen Sea Salt & Tellicherry Pepper

Midnight oil- sweet fennel seed, star anise, black licorice

Rich Kid- Rose Water, Saffron, Cardamom

Oregon- Cascade Hops. Dulce De Leche, Jacobsen Sea Salt

*Also note Each unique flavor has a corresponding “for here cup” color

Tasting Thoughts

During my visit I tried their two most popular- the holy grail and the Oregon

Holy grail- the salt and pepper hit your palette in the first sip, then gently balanced by the turmeric and ginger. The flavors are unique but the coffee flavors still shine through. Tastes light fluffy, warm notes that linger just enough to make you want another sip.

The Oregon- with the sweetness of dulce de leche offsets the earthy hint of hops in this drink. With elements of nature you feel like your sipping the State with each drink. 

Worth the trip to Mt. Tabor Neighborhood

Never is locally minded, some of their lattes use local ingredients such as Salt is local Jacobson and their sister brand, Bee local honey. Not only mindful with their ingredients, but also with their space. They rotate their art out periodically to highlight local artists that catch their eye as well as a permanent mural by Sarah Jean Simmons that gives the café a punch of color. 

Nestled in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, Never is tucked away from the hot spots of downtown which give it a more neighborhood, casual vibe. It’s the perfect place to get a classic cup of coffee or try something completely different. Either way the bright, funky style that is Never lab is completely their own and I’m here for it.