Seattle City Guide: Eat, Drink, Explore!

Elm Coffee Roasters Seattle- Emily Joan Greene

Day 1

Morning Coffee: Elm Coffee Roasters

240 2nd Avenue South | Seattle, WA 98104

If you fly in take the Link (Seattle Public Transit) downtown.

Right when you get off, you can walk a few blocks until you find Elm Coffee. 

This place was recommended by new friends I found from Instagram the wide open space is filled with a white marble bar, and tables accompanied by wicker chairs that seem to fit you just right.

 Petite pastries lay across the bar. The most tempting are the vegan donuts, although you won’t be able to tell the difference.

 The coffee has a light, citrus scent to the roasted beans and the pitter patter of feet fill your ears as customers line up for their morning latte. The ambience is very relaxing, light chatter feels comfortable, and is a sweet spot that isn’t so touristy (like Original Starbucks, you can go there, too!)

Biscuit Bitch Seattle Washington Emily Joan Greene

Mid-Day Brunch: Biscuit Bitch

1909 1st Ave | Seattle, WA 98101

Walking down to Pike Place, the infamous marketplace is next. To satisfy the itch to try new food in the city, you can get your southern soul food fix closeby.

 The sidewalk is usually lined up with hungry brunchers in line or waiting for one of the (few) coveted tables. The popularity of this place is obvious with people casually walking by end up joining in on the biscuit madness. Biscuit Bitch has all the sass and snarkiness that lives up to its name. The staff has hair all colors of the rainbow, tattoos that dot their arms, and are quirky and loud. I blushed a bit while ordering the “Hot Mess Bitch” but I’ll admit it felt cool to cuss when I ordered.

 The Hot Mess Bitch had me exploring every corner of my cardboard to go box (everything is packaged to go). One bite had me chomping down smooth grits with cheese and the next bite I’d get a flavor whirlwind of sausage, jalapeno and biscuit. Every bite was a new experience depending on which ingredients I wanted to combine next.

The Hot Mess Bitch- Biscuit Bitch

The Hot Mess Bitch- Biscuit Bitch

Pike Place Seattle

The Tourist Trap: Pike Place

It’s one of those places that are cliche and iconic at the same time.The market seems to never change, it still never gets old to go back. 

 Watch the fishermen throw seafood around or pick out a gorgeous bouquet for $15. There are tons of little stalls that sell fresh fruits, ethnic treats and local produce. Below the market is the gum wall where you can blow a bubble and snap a picture. they tried to power wash it all off a few years ago, but it came back strong with a force. It’s all very touristy, but sometimes the novelties in a city is what makes it fun, right?

Fresh produce and flowers at Pike Place.

Fresh produce and flowers at Pike Place.

The Gum Wall, Pike Place Market

The Gum Wall, Pike Place Market

Seattle Public Library

A Taste of Architecture: The Seattle Public Library 

This was my new favorite place to discover in Seattle, the architecture blew my mind.

 I immediately took the elevator up to the 10th floor and highest viewing point. It’s like no other place I’ve been in before because it is a public space, but at the same time it feels like your own. The endless panes of glass stretch up, over and outwards. Depending on the weather they can give off a blue or gray hue reflecting the sky above.I spent a few hours here, meandering the levels before posting up at a table under the glass roof to get some work done.

The exterior (left) and interior (right) of The Seattle Public Library.

The exterior (left) and interior (right) of The Seattle Public Library.

Rachel's Ginger Beer- Emily Joan Greene

Happy Hour: Rachel’s Ginger Beer

1530 Post Alley | Seattle, WA

One of the most pleasant surprises of the weekend was discovering Rachel’s Ginger Beer. 

They have a few locations (including one in Portland, Yay!) Now if you’re a fan of Moscow Mules this place was crafted from your dreams. They have an array of ginger beer that you can drink plain, or get a cocktail. There is one just around the corner from Pike Place in Post Alley. The space was light and bright, the windows were open wide so the breeze from the Puget Sound came rolling in. 

 After drinks we walked down the hill to the boardwalk where you can go to the aquarium, or ride the Seattle Ferris Wheel.


Top Off the Evening: Sky View Observatory

To end our day we went to the Sky View Observatory for the final hours of light in the city. 

Because Seattle is broken up into neighborhoods, it was so cool to have a birds eye view of how it is laid out. We sat by the window and watched the cars on the freeway pass by and stayed up there as a few of the buidlings began to turn their evening lights on.

General Porpoise emily Joan Greene

Day 2

The Donuts of Your Dreams: General Porpoise

1020 E. Union St. | Seattle, WA

As an active donut connoisseur, trying new pastries unique to each city is my FORTE. 

 So, when I got to try General Porpoise for the first time I was in donut heaven. The space is tucked up in Capitol Hill and is well known for selling out early.  There’s one big glass case displaying their prized, puffed pastries. The array of flavor fillings include, chocolate, vanilla bean, lemon curd, strawberry rhubarb jelly and other seasonal flavors- although the pickings get slim as the day goes on.

 The donuts are fluffy and have a buttery warmness to the dough that contrasts nicely with the cool filling. A new Seattle staple, for me.

A Barista at General Porpoise and donuts

A Barista at General Porpoise and donuts


Take a Walk on the West Side: Harbor Drive

1936 Harbor Ave SW | Seattle, WA 98126

Drive over to West Seattle or take the water taxi from downtown. Walk along the boardwalk to see the skyline view of Seattle, lay out in the sun, rent bikes or kayaks. There are some food options, or continue down Harbor Drive for more food, and activities on Alki Beach. 

Frankie and Jo's Emily Joan Greene

An Afternoon Treat: Frankie and Jo’s

1010 E. Union St. | Seattle WA 98122

A few weeks ago, I saw this picture of a charcoal gray ice cream on Instagram from this place and was immediately set on trying it.

 All the ice cream is plant based, aka no dairy. Honestly, it was the best vegan ice cream I’ve tried. We got a mixture of 6 flavors and we all liked the charcoal salted caramel one so much that we went back and bought more of that kind. The flavors are so different and interesting compared the heaviness of some ice cream shops. My top three were the sorbet, the charcoal salted caramel and the strawberry.

Ice Cream at Frankie and Jo’s
Ice Cream at Frankie and Jo’s

Ice Cream at Frankie and Jo’s


Go Green: Volunteer Park Conservatory

1400 E Galer St. | Seattle, WA 98112

Beautiful park to relax in, but can also pay $4 to walk around the giant greenhouse and learn about many exotic plants.

 I’ve seen so much about this place online, but it was a dream to see in person.

Walking around Volunteer Park Conservatory

Walking around Volunteer Park Conservatory

Bar Melusine Emily Joan Greene

Dinner + Decor: Bar Melusine

1060 E. Union St. |Seattle WA 98122

Filled with some of the most refreshing decor and innovative seating arrangements, this place is an instagrammers dream and a food critics paradise.

Stop here for a happy hour (5-6pm) or dinner. The menu changes every day so you’ll have to see for yourself what the chef has in store.

Bar Melusine Emily Joan Greene

Day 3

Sunday Morning Stroll: Ballard Farmer’s Market

A market filled with vendors selling artisanal  goods, fresh baked pastries, vibrant produce, and street musicians. 

This is a good start to a Sunday morning where you can meander around, and everyone can try food that they want for a decent price. If you want to sit at a restaurant there are tons around the area. I recomentd The Sexton for a good brunch.


Home Run before going home: A Mariner’s Game

If you have time to attend a sporting match, I highly recommend it. It’s is a great way to feel a part of the city you are visiting. 

We went to a Mariners Baseball Game but there is also the Seattle Seahawks (football) and the Seattle Sounders (soccer). If you are down by the stadiums, I recommend Paseo for a sandwhich before heading to the match. The #2 on the menu has been on the FoodNetwork. 


I hope this 3 day guide to Seattle gave you some ideas of where to visit in the Emerald City. If you found this helpful, please share!


Foodie Snitch // Emily Joan Greene